So you finally found the home you have always dreamed of and plan to buy it soon. You like the property so much that you recommend it to your friends or relatives looking to buy a home. And that’s that! But what if you could get rewarded every time you referred a friend? Referral programs are a godsend, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

Here’s why you must look for referral programs when buying a property.

  1. It is always great to be able to save up or let’s say, earn some bonus points when buying a home. Isn’t it? All you have to do is refer friends that are interested in buying property. You don’t just earn reward points for yourself, but in some cases, you are creating a mutual benefit for you as well as your friend. You both get rewarded as part of some referral programs!
  2. You can redeem the reward points against the ongoing payment of your new home, which will help you bring down the EMI amount further. In some cases, you might win some goodies that will come in handy in your new home. Either way, it is a win-win situation for you.
  3. The best part about referral programs is that there is no limitation to the number of referrals, and you can recommend as many family or friends as you can. That means there is room for earning more referral rewards.
  4. Moving into a new home can get a bit lonely. It will take time before you get to know your neighbour or make new friends. But with the referral program, you can have your friend as your neighbour. That’s something everyone would prefer because who wouldn’t want a familiar face around!
  5. You never know, you might be helping out someone find their dream home. Finding a home that ticks all your boxes can be a bit of a task. By referring property to your inner circle, you might end up helping someone find the home of their dreams.
  6. Referring more people who are interested in buying property will bring more residents on board. With a full house, the builder will put all their focus on the project and you will get to reap the full range of amenities quickly!

Advaitha Aksha — in Koramangala, Agara Junction is one such property that is perfect for you and for your friends. If you are looking for posh 4 BHK flats in and around Koramangala, then Advaitha Aksha is for you. It comes with superior construction quality, breathtaking views, luxury finishes, advanced sustainability and smart home features, and top-notch amenities. These luxurious sky villas are everything you would have wished for in your dream home.

If you are an existing customer at Advaitha Aksha, you are eligible for our referral program. You can refer a friend who is looking to buy a premium home in Koramangala. Once your friend invests in Advaitha Aksha, you get a ₹ 6 lakh referral benefit. So don’t miss this opportunity and start referring!